Biggie Day Out Japan - #Solo #48Hours Game Jam entry for the 2023 Air Asia Red Game Jam.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed bugs where player can't turn on certain intersection

- Added points of interest at intersection points

Initial submission to the Game Jam

- Player able to turn on junctions.
- Simple star collection system

- Basic level

  1. The theme of the game jam is Explore and Hyper Casual.

  2. I wanted to create an atmospheric game exploration game where players wander and discover new locations.

  3. The plan is to create a side scrolling platformer where players can "turn into" the map to discover new routes.

  4. This is achieved by creating the system and designing the map along the X and Z axis

  1. We had 48 hours to complete the game so modelling was kept at a minimum.

    Had fun modelling the mascot Biggie.

    Some of the props, very low poly stuff.

    The tracks are made of flat ground and a gradient slope.

  1. Nothing too fancy in terms of coding.

    The tricky part was to get the camera/character rotation right when players want to "turn into" the level.

    This was done via a few collider boxes to indicate character entering/exiting the intersection and enablind/disabling the controls.

  2. The prototype level

Air Asia
UOW Malaysia
IGDA Malaysia