R-Type Final (2003) Ship Viewer

A custom ship viewer to preview the numerous Spaceships, Force and Bits in R-Type Final.

Always been facinated with the myriad mecha designs of the game but there wasn't a easy way to preview them easily, so I wrote this custom viewer in Unity3D to allow me to do that; and to those who share the same interest.

Refer to "Developer's Notes" section to see the process.

v1.2 - Dec 2023
- Error handling when unable to load addressable assets remotely
- Updated WebGL build with update editor
- Music/Audio/Async Loader code enhancements

v1.1 - Dec 2022
- Added ship movement option
- Added animations for Force eject/attach
- Dynamic loading of size intensive content via Addressables system

- Using Unity3D Addressables system for assets loding (3D Models, Music) to reduce initial download size
- Fixed various bugs

- Materials update and fixes
- Switched to OpenGL2
- Added post-processing bloom
- Turned on anti-aliasing
- Particle system for Bits that have Force

- Implemented Unity3D's Addressables system for resource management
- Moved 3D assets and Audio assets into addressables reducing initial load size
- Revamped assets loading systems to accomodate for Addresables

- Fixed back mounted Force orientation

- Revamped Sound and Music loading systems to accomodate for Addressables
- Added button/navigation sounds

- Replaced proprietary navigation system with own built system
- Added compatibility with mobile browsers
- Added responsive UI based on screen orientation

- Added booster flame to TP series ships
- Fixed TP-3 Canopy color
- Mr Heli Bit's Propeller now spins
- Fixed Camera 1 Force level 3 lens position
- Fixed canopy color not reseting to default on changing ship
- Updated ship material & scene lighting

- Hide rocket trail when Force is placed at Back when switching ships
- Added default ship body color
- Updated ship default canopy color

- Change ship color
- Change canopy color
- Set Force levels
- Set Bits

- 8 first Ships
- All Pow Armors
- 8 first Force
- All Bits

  1. The main goal of the project is to create a ship viewer that allow users to browse through the various ship designs.

  2. The UI/UX is designed based on minimalist aesthtics. Fonts from the game title is used to preserve the spirit of the game.

  3. To maintain the original look and feel of the ships (and to save work), all models were extracted from PS2 disc using RTFtool (see Credits section).

    RTFTool preview and export data files.

  4. After the models and textures were exported they are cleaned up (see ART Section).

  1. Models were cleaned up using 3D Studio Max.

    Face normals issues and Stray/Additional faces from import.

    Face normals issues.

    Duplicate faces issues.

    "Double sided faces" on same plane.

    Fixed with adding "thickness" to "double sided faces".

    Remove duplidate/Merge vertices.

    Cleaned up kihon looks good.

    Looks good in viewport.

  2. Couple of renders of cleaned up models.

  1. The viewer is developed from scratch in Unity3D.

  2. Object-oriented approach - Kihon, Force, Bits derive from base class to share common functions; while overriding functions for subclass functionality.

    Manager classes to handle game loop, ui/ux, music/sound and utility functions.

  3. Content such as 3D Models, Music are loaded dynamically through addressables system.

Irem - https://web.archive.org/web/20070809044055/http://www.irem.co.jp/official/rfinal/
RTFTool - https://github.com/neko68k/rtftool
R-Type Final Ship List/Tree - https://slateman.net/rtype/rtypefinal